Friday 21 May, 2-5pm

'I want to network, but I don't know anyone'

emerge is hosting an informal chat and development session about new projects. Part peer critique, part chinwag and part excuse to meet other artists. emerge ran a series of six events from October to March, including ‘I want to work in Education, but I don’t know how’ and ‘I’m in a group show, but we’ve nothing in common’. The sessions were based on practical activities for artists aimed at encouraging new projects and new connections. This session is aimed at bringing those artists back together. If you haven’t already joined emerge or attended an emerge session, you’re welcome to come along and contribute, its informal and practical, and useful.

For our event at OpenFORUM we are inviting everyone who came to the sessions to come and meet again. This is your chance to follow up on those connections that you wished you’d made, or tell us about that project that you hadn’t quite started. Bring your sketches, your work and your ideas. Throughout the afternoon we’ll focus on each project and all contribute ideas for getting it off the ground. Bring something visible and visual to identify your work and we’ll put our ideas up throughout the space for us, and all OpenFORUM visitors.


All OpenFORUM events are free though booking is recommended. For bookings and more information please visit www.emergelondon.org.uk


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