Saturday 22 May, 2-5pm

jotta presents an afternoon symposium that examines and tests collaborative practice within a contemporary art context

jotta invites a selection of artists and curators to discuss how collaboration affects the role of both the artist and curator.  An exploration of how collaboration effects the process of art making, as well as how, through collaboration, curatorial practice is challenged. Sourcing practitioners from jottaContemporary’s previous exhibition programme we aim to promote dialog between artists and curators whom jotta have previously worked with, to investigate how jotta explores the role of this mode of practice, and it's integral place in artistic professional practice. is an online space built specifically to facilitate collaboration in art and design including networking tools, artist support, access to opportunities and features to enable online based project work. Through our design and curatorial teams, jotta collaborates with artists and designers across the jotta community on self-funded and commissioned events, exhibitions and projects.

jotta is an award winning online and offline community of practising artists and designers founded in partnership the University of the Arts London. jotta exists online at and off line in the real world through events, exhibitions and commissioned projects.

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