Saturday 8 May, 11am-6pm

Crit/Convenor at Matt Roberts Arts

Q-Art London is a free forum for student and graduate artists from across London's universities, as well as anyone else with an interest in art. Q-Art London was set up in 2008 by Sarah Rowles, now in her final year on the BA Art Practice course at Goldsmiths and has since attracted over 1600 members. As well as running gallery visits, networking events, and panel discussions, Q-Art London's main activity are its monthly crit sessions - known as 'convenors' which usually take place in different London art colleges. In these sessions artists are selected on an all-inclusive first come-first served basis and given 25 minutes each for the presentation and discussion of their work amongst a peer-led critical feedback and discussion. 

On Saturday 8th May Matt Roberts Arts will host a Q-Art London Convenor. We anticipate a huge demand for this event and as a result we will be running 2 sessions. 

The first session will run from 11am-2pm 

The second session will run from 3.30-6pm

There is room for 5 artists to present work at these sessions and there are 25 audience places for each event. 

If you would like to present work please send an email to Sarah Rowles:
director@q-artlondon.com . Presenters will be selected on a first come first served basis.

If you would like to just attend as an audience member to this event please book by sending an email to bookings@mattroberts.org.uk indicating whether you would like to attend the morning or the afternoon session. Audience members will also be selected on a first-come first served basis.


All OpenFORUM events are free though booking is recommended. For bookings and more information please email bookings@mattroberts.org.uk


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