Saturday 22 May, 7-8.30pm

The Audience as Artwork, or Towards an Artwork with no Audience (talk & video projection)

Reactor’s work addresses the notion of ‘the audience as artwork’, and, as such, Reactor considers the fundamental basis of the work to be an audience’s interactions and subjective experiences when involved with the work.
On one hand Reactor’s work highlights—for consideration as artwork—the subjective experiences of individuals, and the collective impressions of reality that derive from those impressions when they are expressed and correlated within the social space of the work. On the other, the work offers up the audience’s interactions in themselves: be they with the physical environment of the work itself, the ‘performers’ within it, or, most significantly, the social interactions between audience participants themselves. Of particular interest is these participant-to-participant interactions, in which the artwork is interpreted and expanded upon live—an accelerated and immediate take on the process of accretion of meaning that artworks undergo once they enter the social sphere.

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